Raspberry oil has a light consistency and is easily absorbed through the skin. Thanks to its high content of rejuvenating vitamins and strong antioxidants, it visibly improves the appearance of the skin. It smoothes the skin tone, eliminates small discolorations and lifts the skin. It positively affects acneic skin, helps in the fight against eczema, accelerates healing. It has a medium factor of sun protection.
Mature skin. Discoloration. Sensitive skin. Acne.
Massage into the face or body. You can combine it with other oils, e.g. avocado, jojoba or grape oil. It is especially recommended to combine with hyaluronic gel in the proportion: 1 part of oil on 4 parts of hyaluronic gel 1-3%. Applied to hair requires washing off with shampoo.
Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil (cold-pressed)
100% natural, vegan
NET VOL.:  50 ml


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