Mohani cocoa butter is a multi-functional cosmetic – it can be used on the whole body, face and hair. It plays the
cream, lotion and rich conditioner. Greases and restores comfort to dry and rough skin. May be
used alone or treated as a raw material for the preparation of home cosmetics.

Cocoa butter has an extremely pleasant smell. Used regularly on the skin, it shows properties
firming and tightening, so it is worth reaching for them when we use a diet or exercise a lot. Cocoa butter
used in the summer, accelerates the appearance of tan, and also prolongs its durability. The product can be
also used for hair care – instead of oils (it is recommended to warm it gently to make it better

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100% natural, unrefined product. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Net volume: 100 ml
Region of origin of the raw material: Africa
Country of processing: Germany


Butter is cracked, i.e. small pieces of fairly hard raw material are in the jar. Pieces of butter before use
keep in a warm place or warm slightly in a water bath to get a softer texture.
The product should be massaged into clean and dry skin of the body, face or hair. After application to the
hair, the product requires
wash off with shampoo.


Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter 100% (unrefined cocoa butter).

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