Nourishing Mango Seed Butter is a great help for very dry and rough skin. It works for everyone who needs strong
hydration and regeneration. It deeply nourishes even the most problematic body parts such as elbows, knees or heels. Butter soothes the skin after sunbathing.
Mango Seed Butter can also be used instead of face cream. Perfectly moisturizes dry and
mature skin, eliminates the unpleasant feeling of tightness and soothes. Has anti-wrinkle and firming effects. The
product can be used to lubricate body parts covered with stretch marks, because it helps reduce their visibility.
Butter can be used for hair care because it is a regenerating and moisturizing product. Butter should
be used like hair oil – apply in a small amount to the hair, especially on the tips. Hold for about 1-2 hours and
then wash your hair with shampoo. Butter can replace the serum for the ends – just lubricate a small amount of it
into the dry ends.
Mango butter should be reached by people:

  • – whose skin is very dry,
  • – who have problems with dry hands, knees and feet,
  • – people with mature skin, prone to wrinkles,
  • – people with scars and stretch marks,
  • – having problems with dry and damaged hair.

Net weight: 100 g
For independent use as a face cream, body
lotion, massage butter. Regenerative treatment for rough hands, elbows and heels. Nourishing hair mask (for
shampooing). Butter can be a component of other moisturizing cosmetics for the body and hair.
Storage: at room temperature.
100% natural cosmetic, without additives.
Suitable for the care of children and infants, as well as people
with very sensitive skin.
Butter from Indian mango stone, no
preservatives or additives.
100% VEGAN &

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